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#[ 5 WiFi security myths to abandon] - [Larry] - Wow, 2008 called and wants their myths back…hidden, SSIDs, MAC filtering, Limit IP pool, Disable DHCP, "small networks"
==Allison's super cool stuff while drinking a bud and clamato (thanks for that header. Blaaghhhhh -allison)== #[ So I’m the guy who sent the t-shirt out as a thank you.] So last week we made fun of Yahoo a bit for only awarding twelve bucks' worth for a bug bounty. Here is their response. Turns out they didn't have an official bug bounty program and it was just one guy paying out of pocket. So it really isn't as scandalous as it initially sounded, and Yahoo is standing up a real bug bounty program soon too. So if you like bug hunting, check out that link for details on prizes.#[ Going Beyond Vulnerability Rewards] Also, check out this link. Google has started offering bounties for open source software that operates a lot of our core infrastructure. Like OpenSSH, OpenSSL, BIND, ISC DHCP. This is very cool and big props to Google for this.#[ Author of Blackhole exploit kit arrested in Russia] Paunch, the author of Blackhole, has been arrested. Blackhole has been the #1 exploit kit for a long time and has been updated by Paunch very frequently in an effort to stay one step ahead from antivirus vendors. Paunch made his money by renting out the kit, rather than developing or delivering the malware itself. Since the arrest, specimens of Blackhole in the wild have not been updated.


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