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= Paul's Security Weekly - Episode 471 - 6:00PM =
== Episode Audio ==
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= Interview: Mark Baggett =
Mark has more than 28 years of commercial and government experience ranging from Software Developer to CISO. He is a Senior Instructor for The SANS Institute and the author of SEC573. He is the founding president of The Greater Augusta ISSA chapter. Course Author and Instructor for SEC573 Python for Penetration Tester. Instructor for SEC504 Incident Handling and Hacker Techniques, SEC560 Penetration Testing, 561 Advanced Hands On Penetration Testing.
CISO, IT Team Lead, Software Developer
Senior SANS Instructor
= Tech Segment: Building A PfSense Firewall - Part 1 - The Hardware =
==About & Why==
* Memory: I had some 4Gig DDR3 1333 sticks hanging round from some Mac upgrades, so I used what I had on hand. One could likely use [ this] at a total of $17.99
* Drive: [ SanDisk 64GB 3.0 Flash Drive] I has some issues getting this to boot off of USB 3.0, so it is in the INTERNAL USB 2.0 port with no ill effects. $16.59
* Case: [ Habey EMC-800BL] - This one appears to have been discontinued, but one could substitute an equally specced mini-itsitx, finless fanless case with power supply. $40
= Security News - 7:00PM-8:00PM =
== Paul's Stories ==
#[ OpenIOC – Sharing Threat Intelligence] - Can something like this work?


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