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== Episode Audio ==
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== Hosts ==
= Interview: Brendon MacaregMacaraeg, [ Signal Sciences] =[[File:BrendonMacareg.jpg|right|220px|thumb|<center>'''[ Brendon MacaregMacaraeg]'''<br> is the Cloud Chief Information Security Officer Sr. Director of Product Marketing of [ Signal Sciences].</center>]] Henry is a seasoned technology industry executive Brendon Macareg leads product marketing for Signal Sciences, which protects the web presence of the world's leading brands. Prior to Signal Sciences, Brendon led product marketing for CrowdStrike Services, the incident response and serial entrepreneur who has professional services division of CrowdStrike Inc. Prior to CrowdStrike, Brendon spent several years at Symantec leading product marketing efforts for both the last ten years focused on cyber Norton consumer brand of information security both as an independent consultant products and as Technical Director for Cyber Security at UK defense Symantec's enterprise mobility and security company BAE Systemsendpoint management solutions. Henry’s previous ventures include Prior to Symantec, Brendon managed online product development across a desktop videoconferencing startup, variety of verticals from event ticketing to travel and he has been responsible for developing and selling advanced electronics solutions into governments, telecommunications consumer-facing technology companies and financial services organizations amongst other sectors.<br><br>'''Segment Topic:'''<br>Developing an Effective AppSec Security Program<br><br>'''Segment Description:'''<br>Focus on the people, processes and tools a dev team needs to put an effective security program in place. Discuss how to improve listener's current program and tooling to develop, release secure code and proactively protect their apps in prod. Four potential key tactics or areas to cover:
* Prioritize visibility into the most critical attack types
= Leadership Articles =
* [ 5 questions with Cisco's CISO] - There is no easy answer for securing a global workforce of 75,000+ employees, including Cisco. Steve Martino, SVP and CISO at Cisco, discusses how to protect a distributed remote workforce without compromising the integrity of a secure network. The interview focuses around 5 questions:
** What kind of pressure is Cisco facing with securing products and working with cross-company teams?
** How do you prepare an organization for the inevitable — that bad events are going to happen? How do you insure against that with different stakeholders, whether that's customers, shareholders or even just internal business units?
** How did your security strategy at Cisco take shape and what were your priorities when you started? How have they evolved over time?
** What was the process of implementing technology to make remote work viable? What was the timeline? And what were the perceived vs. real risks you dealt with implementing it across such a large workforce?
** What keeps you up at night in terms of security and threats, and how do you see those evolving?
* [ The CIO role, from IT operator to business strategist] - The CIO position has changed dramatically since its inception 40 years ago. This in-depth review traces the job's evolution and explains what is required of the CIO role today, including:
** CIO role in driving digital transformation today
** Qualities of high-performing CIOs
** How does the CIO role differ from other technology roles in the C-suite?
** What's next for the CIO?
* [ Less than one-quarter of companies are innovation leaders, report says] - Less than one-quarter of organizations "qualify" as innovation leaders, according to a Harvard Business Review Services survey of more than 1,000 executives across industries 1,000 international consumers.
* [ Making the case for integrated risk management] - Security experts discuss how an integrated approach to risk and governance can be effectively managed
* [ Gartner: The time is right to make IT a boardroom issue] - In many businesses, IT is regarded as an internal service provider and cost centre. Gartner says now is the best time for CIOs to make IT strategic
* [ Gartner's strategic tech trends for 2020: Part 1, augmenting skills] - Here are the "people-centric" advancements IT decisions makers need to follow:
# Hyperautomation
# Multiexperience
# Democratization
# Human augmentation
# Transparency and traceability
* [ Gartner's strategic tech trends for 2020: Part 2, computing moves to the edge] - Here are the advancements in technology IT decision makers need to watch out for:
# Empowered edge
# Distributed cloud
# Autonomous things
# Practical blockchain
# AI security


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