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= Leadership Articles =
* [ Balancing the Company’s Needs and Employee Satisfaction]- Doing what is right for their company and doing what will make their employees happiest are not always mutually exclusive. Making the following shifts in mindset can help:** From individual happiness to collective purpose** From engagement to ownership** From promotability to visibility* [ Why Successful People Wear The Same Thing Every Day]- Researchers have actually studied the effect that making too many decisions can have on our lives and what they show is that our capacity to consistently make well thought out decisions is finite. Many successful individuals understand that less time spent on making decisions meant more brainpower and time for everything else. Therefore, reduce one decision by choosing a monotonous wardrobe...* [ Technology That Will Actually Make You More Productive]- Don’t be afraid of technology, embrace it. Just make sure you are picking the right tools to put on your phone or tablet...* [ What industry gets wrong about cyber insurance]- Misconceptions about the role insurance plays in a cyber event's aftermath are common. Let's try to provide some clarity:** Cyber insurance is an investment ** How to choose a cyber insurance policy** Insurance loopholes** Security considerations** Insurers' role in incident response* [ Four principles for security metrics]- When you start developing security metrics for a problem area, don't plunge into trying to analyze 'risk'. Here are four founding principles if you want to develop trusted operational security metrics that are relevant for your organization:# Start with process# Understand the reality of the process# Create one metric per process# Be clear on the type of process failure* [ 3 lessons on the future of talent pipelines]- Talent shortages haven't ceased being a discussion going into the next decade, yet swaths of the American population are either underrepresented in the workforce or struggle to develop the skills necessary to thrive in it. Here are the issues impacting employers' talent pipelines:# The digital skills gap may be the biggest one# Companies won't ignore the role of social issues in recruiting# Employers can expect never-ending 'reskilling'


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