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= Leadership Articles =
* [ Maersk CISO on NotPetya recovery, workforce harmony and what makes a security chief]- The shipping giant tapped Andy Powell a year after it was hit by NotPetya. In the 18 months since, Powell increased its security organization from 28 people to about 150.* [ Why Business Leaders Need to Understand Their Algorithms]- One of the biggest sources of anxiety about AI is not that it will turn against us, but that we simply cannot understand how it works.* [ Why Constraints Are Good for Innovation]- Recent surveys show that managers tend to consider compliance restrictions and a lack of resources as the main obstacles to innovation. And research shows that individuals, teams, and organizations alike benefit from a healthy dose of constraints. It is only when the constraints become too high that they stifle creativity and innovation.* [ How to Do a Digital Detox: 3 Easy Steps for Success]- How to know if a digital detox is right for you? Here's 3 easy steps:# What do you want to detox from?# Fill the Void# Commit Loudly* [ How Remote Workers Make Work Friends]- Research has shown that when employees have friends at work they are better performers, more engaged, and happier with their jobs. But what about remote workers? For remote workers, they need cadence with a coworker to understand who that person is and can predict how they will interact with them.* [ 5 charts to understand the tech job market]- Here are five trends to understand the current state of the tech job market:# Soft skills are of interest, but tech chops still on top​# Software developer jobs are highest in demand# Managers want SQL, Java and Python, but cloud is spreading like fire# Technologies and methodologies shaping the future of cloud computing# Silver lining: Half of teens are considering careers in technology


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