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=== Description ===
Meet Ann Cleaveland, the Executive Director of the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity, a research and collaboration think tank housed within the University of California, Berkeley School of Information.  Anne will tell us about the work that the The CLTC is doing, why "Long-Term" is in the name, and introduce us to their recent joint study with Booz Allen teamed up to create a report that researched "Considerations explores considerations for Effective Oversight r effective oversight of Cyber Risk" based cyber risk focusing on interviews of a cross-section of board level positions. The report suggests that four key questions need to be continuously asked by the board:
1. What is our overall risk model for governing cybersecurity
2. Where, how, and when do we access the expertise to understand the risks
3. Is collaboration or competition our preferred approach with industry partners?
4. How do we share and exchange information on cyber with management and the CISO?
The report suggests that strategies for cybersecurity do not involve binary decisions but rather dynamic tensions that are always vacillating on their respective sliding scales.


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