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PaulDotCom Security Weekly - Episode 223 "Cigar Lounge soiree" - for Thursday December 9th, 2010.
* Trustwave is hiring! Check it out: ''"Would you like to work for a company with loose ties to a shadow government in a group responsible for covering up the existence of extraterrestrial life by hacking into systems from exotic locations all over the world? So would we. If you know where we can interview for a job
like that, please tell us. However, if you're passionate about application security, then we can help. Trustwave's SpiderLabs is looking for experienced application penetration testers. We have great benefits, a fun work environment, and sometimes encounter E.T.'s. Email and reference SpiderLabs for more information."''
* Tenable is hiring as well, check it out on the [ Tenable Careers Page].
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