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  • Boeing taps Qantas exec Susan Doniz as CIO - Boeing is undergoing a leadership transition. Susan Doniz, the former CIO at Qantas, will oversee the company's IT, data and analytics, and information security strategies, reporting directly to President and CEO David Calhoun.
  • CIO interview: Ian Cohen, chief product and technology officer, Addison Lee - Ian Cohen is more than just a CIO – as chief product and technology officer (CPTO) at taxi company Addison Lee. As the CIO role splits into product vs. infrastructure styles, Addison focuses on:
    • Building trust in a brand
    • Creating collaborative workspaces
    • Building experience-focused teams
  • An unlikely duo: CIO and CFO dynamic driving transformation success ... and failure - Removing friction between the CIO and the CFO, building strong working relationships and avoiding counter-behaviors can unlock a reduced IT cost, increase an enterprise's ability to generate new opportunities and get them to market quicker. Unfortunately, one of the biggest sources of friction between IT and finance preventing benefits is trust.
  • 15 Questions About Remote Work, Answered - How do corporate leaders, managers, and individual workers make the sudden shift to remote work? Here are a few of the questions that need to be answered:
    • What’s the first thing that leaders and individual managers can do to help their employees get ready?
    • What should people who aren’t accustomed to remote work do to get psychologically ready for it?
    • What are the top three things that leaders can do to create a good remote culture?
    • How will these changes affect productivity?
    • What are some best practices for virtual meetings, beyond the general advice to clarify your purpose, circulate an agenda, prepare people to be called on and so forth?
  • Drowning in a Sea of Alerts - Alerts don’t make you more productive, they just help procrastinators distract you. Making a firm decision about when and how you check updates boosts both productivity and confidence. Take back control.
  • Security pros just want to be loved, report finds - Being valued by the business for their role in keeping the organization safe and upholding ethical standards is a primary motivator for CISOs and other security professionals.