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  • CISO position burnout causes high churn rate - Research from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) suggests that, on average, a CISO lasts just two to four years on the job before moving on to another position -- and many point to cybersecurity burnout as a top driver of CISO churn.
  • 7 Rules for Staying Productive Long-Term - Ultimately, everybody has a system for productivity. If your system is going to be liberating rather than suffocating, however, you need to follow a few guidelines:
  1. Your system needs to fit your work (not the other way around)
  2. The system should counterbalance your worst tendencies
  3. The system needs a way of dealing with exceptions
  4. A good productivity system shouldn’t “feel” productive
  5. If your work changes, your system should too
  6. Always measure against your baseline (not somebody else’s)
  7. A system cannot give your work meaning or motivation
  • No going back to packed workplaces after Covid-19 - A recent project by IT service providers outlines how, in a post-coronavirus world, businesses like Barclays Bank will reduce their reliance on skyscrapers packed with people.
  • A long-term move to remote work will expand tech talent market access - According to Hired's State of Remote Work 2020 report, which surveyed 2,200 tech workers and 300 companies:
    • The pandemic-driven lockdown has made half of North American tech professionals more interested in remote work than before
    • A looming recession pushed 43% of tech professionals to actively search for new job opportunities
    • The majority of businesses continue to hire, with 68% of employers actively hiring
  • Now Is an Unprecedented Opportunity to Hire Great Talent - How to seize the opportunity:
    • Ask your top leaders to list three to five great players they would have liked to have hired over the past five years and then check in with those people.
    • Set up a task force to source potential candidates from target sectors and companies who may now be either jobless or open to change.
    • Interview and check references remotely with the same rigor you would in person.
    • Go out of your way to motivate the best candidates.
    • Don’t ignore the sourcing, retaining, and development of in-house talent.
  • Crisis pressure tests digital strategies as time-to-recovery estimates extend - According to a PwC survey of 305 U.S. CFOs and finance executives, conducted April 20-22:
    • More than three-quarters of organizations plan to change workplace safety measures and requirements and 65% plan to rework sites to enable physical distancing
    • Half of companies plan to make remote work a permanent option for the jobs that allow it
    • One-quarter of companies are considering real estate footprint reductions
    • Cost containment remains a primary focus across all industries as 86% of companies are implementing cost-containment measures