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  1. Shark Tank Star Corcoran Loses $400K in Email Scam That’s now how you get VC funding More info
  2. Android banking trojan steals Google two-factor authentication codes
  3. Don't run your 2FA authenticator app on these smartphones You're only as good as your weakest link. Old vulnerable OS not a good place to run your 2FA app.
  4. Killer software: 4 lessons from the deadly 737 MAX crashes Lessons include not relying on software to solve a hardware problem, and not omitting redundancy.
  5. NSF 20-051 Dear Colleague Letter: Announcing Creation of the Foundational Research in Robotics (Robotics) Program Research opportunity in foundational Robotics technology. Proposition is that both Foundational Research in Robotics and National Robots Initiative are a way to use robotics to manage complexity in the cyber physical arena.
  6. Citrix Vulnerability Used for Potential Defence Recruitment Database Access CVE-2019-19781 is critical due to wide spread exploitation in the wild and RCE risk.
  7. U.S. Government Warns of Continuous Election Meddling Efforts Election meddling includes fake social media accounts and impersonation, watch for social engineering of your vote.
  8. Let's Encrypt Revoking 3 Million TLS Certificates Issued Incorrectly Due to a Bug Improper domain ownership validation resulted in incorrect certificate issuing. Check your certificates Affected certificates must be manually renewed.