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  1. Sodinokibi Ransomware Operators Threaten to Leak 'Dirty' Financial Data of a Company Like "Maze" and "Nemty" the Sodinokibi operators will leak an organizations "dirty" financial data if not paid.
  2. Multiple Nation-State Groups Are Hacking Microsoft Exchange Servers Irrespective of threat profile, apply the patches from Feb. 11 to your servers. Activities ramped up on Feb. 26th, POC code is in GitHub.
  3. NordVPN HTTP POST Bug Exposed Customer Information, No Authentication Required Insecure Direct Object Reference affecting the NordVPN payment platform. Prior knowledge of customer information required for successful exploitation.
  4. Singapore, Malaysia Credit Card Details Dumped Online in Massive Data Breach
  5. Virgin Media 'Likely to Face Maximum GDPR Fine' Following Data Leak 900,000 records exposed in incorrectly configured database, max fine of $22M USD expected. Blamed on negligence rather than hack.
  6. FBI working to 'burn down' cyber criminals' infrastructure FBI wants to take out their infrastructure as well as take them out of business.
  7. OMB to Agencies: Time to finish IPv6 transition Move from 32 bit addresses to 128 bit or 4.3 billion IPs to 340 undecillion. Goal 80% by 2025.
  8. European Power Grid Organization Says Its IT Network Was Hacked Office network not OT network compromised. Taking preventative measures to limit possible impact.